Joshua and Gabby Magnus started MR BEANS COFFEE in 1999, firstly for a six month stint at the Riverside Centre in Brisbane’s central business district, then soon after establishing several locations at the University of Queensland (UQ).

MR BEANS has two coffee carts and two permanent espresso bars and serves the UQ population of 35,000 students and staff with freshly brewed espresso and a wide variety of coffee and chocolate drinks. Earlier this year they re opened The Grind Café in the Sir James Foote Building, since then they have been serving amazing food at affordable prices to Uni Students and staff .In 2003 MR Beans was awarded the most popular barista in Australia in the BMW Barista of the Year competition.


Gabby Magnus started working after school in a Sydney café at aged 14 and soon developed a strong passion for coffee.

She has brought that passion to her own business and helped turn a simple idea into an amazing success. She sees that all MR BEANS staff are properly trained and insists on serving a perfect cup of coffee every time.

Gabby has become famous on campus, serving coffee for 13 years to many students, some call her the “Dean of Caffine”.

Joshua MagnusJoshua

Joshua Magnus has been in Hospitality all his life. He has vast experience in advertising and marketing and has run his own business since he was 18 years old. Josh is responsible for the business side of Mr Beans,      plus the running of Petite Waffles, which was established 4 years ago. Petite Waffles has a cult following as the best Belgian waffles outside of Belgiam.

Mr Beans Staff

The staff at MR BEANS are drawn mostly from their client bass – the students of the University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus.

There are currently about 25 baristas, and they have all received in depth training in the art and science of espresso from Gabby. All the Mr Beans staff strive to make a perfect coffee every time.